The city of Dohuk in Northern Iraq is surrounded by refugee camps. When I went there in February of 2016, more people were living in the camps than in the city itself. Most of the refugees were Yazidis who managed to escape the terror regime of the IS. Yazidis are a religious minority amongst the Kurdish people. They don't practice Islam but follow their own monotheist religion. When the IS conquered wide parts of Iraqi Kurdistan in 2014 the Yazidis became the first victims of the terror that ensued. People were killed and enslaved by the thousands. The IS wanted to annihilate the Yazidis. 

I traveled to the camps with an international NGO that investigates this genocide. A big part of the work is interviewing the survivors. The portraits in this gallery show some of them. These men and women have been trough unimaginable atrocities. My admiration for their strength is beyond words.

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